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Online Nature Store in Organic Food and Care Products

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About us

Health is an important basis for a good and happy life. Today's world is busy and chaotic. Taking good care of yourself and relaxing once in a while is easier said than done. With our range of natural, healthy, beautiful and tasty products at an appropriate price, we would like to give you a helping hand! This webshop started in 2012 under the name Steviahouse and the owner changed the name to Naturaplaza in the summer of 2019. This sweet little plant still represents our vision: think about your health, but also enjoy! In addition to a selection of stevia products, you will find many more fine items in our webshop that support a healthy lifestyle.
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Product range

In addition to various Stevia products such as stevia liquid, stevia powder and stevia sweeteners, our range consists of other natural food and care products and products of natural origin, which we believe should not be missing in a conscious and healthy lifestyle. Our food products are also extremely suitable as support in case of losing weight or during a diet.   

Our range is a composition of natural, healthy and fine products. The emphasis is on organic natural foods such as sweeteners (including stevia), superfoods, various teas, salts, herbs and spices. You can also come to us for care products, aromatherapy and supplements.

Quality and qualification

The stevia products we sell are checked in Europe according to the standard European standards and are of pharmacy quality. Several of our food and care products have the BIO quality mark, which stands for 100% controlled organic and reliable. The Himalaya salts sold in our health food shop come from northern Pakistan and are 100% natural. All salt products from our range are continuously monitored in Germany by Bioanalytik Hamburg GBA according to international guidelines. The natural Najel care products from our natural shop are 100% natural products and several Aleppo soaps have the BIO quality mark.


Blog/ info centre

If you want more information about nutrition and health, please visit our information centre included in our updated blog. In this section of the online nature store, we have collected as much independent information as possible on the theme of natural nutrition, care and health. We also introduce visitors to the application possibilities of stevia sweetener in cooking recipes and drinks.