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With our wide range of diffusers and aroma lamps, you can effectively spread the aroma of etheric and essential oils throughout your home. With our aroma lamps, you can choose between ceramic or wood finishes. As a result, you will always find the aroma diffuser at Naturaplaza that perfectly matches your style. In addition, we also sell aroma burners and beautiful electric lamps which evaporate essential oils and thus, spread a wonderful aroma throughout your house. View our product range of aroma diffusers and discover which one suits you best. On our product pages, you can read all the details and specific qualities.

Versatile choice of aroma lamps

The experience of your aromatherapy is further intensified with the aroma lamps from our range. That is why Naturaplaza has a wide choice of these aroma diffusers. You can, for example, choose the aroma lamp in a wooden version from the quality brand HolyFlavours. This has a very natural look, which makes the lamp look perfect in any interior. Our HolyFlavors black and white aroma lamp also fits in almost any living style. You burn your essential oils in the ceramic tub and you light a tea light in the relevant holder below. Is your living space covered in Eastern atmospheres? Then choose our unique HolyFlavors aroma lamp white with bamboo pattern.

Diffusers and aroma burners

For electric aroma diffusers, you are at the right place too. This allows you to evaporate essential oils by mixing a few drops with water and turning on the diffuser. With the Aromed Round White with Color Change, you get a very special aroma diffuser. You can change the light colors, which creates a beautiful atmosphere. Our HolyFlavors aroma burners also have these qualities. These are also available with different patterns. For example, we have aroma burners with a butterfly pattern and a leaf pattern.