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Crash diet

Crash diet

Why don't traditional diets work?

There is scientific evidence why typical diets don't work: most people make the mistake of starving their bodies by eating too little. Your body is a complex machine with a defence mechanism: when you take in too little energy, it switches to slower burning and consumes muscle mass in times of energy scarcity. In this way, it is really impossible to achieve optimal fat burning, and that's where the difficulty lies for overweight people.


Obesity and traditional dieting

Every kind of dieting causes big problems for your body. Whether it's a low-fat, low-carb, low-calorie, fruit, soup, cold diet, HCG cure or crash diet. All temporary restrictions on calories or foods always result in the following problems for obese or overweight people:

- Weight loss is usually not permanent; many of those who lose weight by dieting cannot keep their weight
-  Most weight does not come from body fat, but from muscle mass. If permanent weight loss without sacrificing muscle mass is your goal, you can calmly state that 99% of diets are completely ineffective. 

What does work with overweight

If all those diets like a crash diet don't seem to work, what does it do to lose excess weight?

It sounds simple but the only thing that works to actually get rid of excess weight is a combination of several factors:

- Cardio training for fat burning in combination with training for muscle building.
- A healthy diet, consisting of unprocessed and natural products.

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