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Doing laundry without detergent - Soap Nuts

Doing laundry without detergent - Soap Nuts

How to use Soap Nuts in your washing machine, replace Detergent and use fully natural and organic Soap Nuts.

Washing without detergent

User manual

If you want to wash without detergent, wash nuts are an excellent alternative.

Washing without detergent? Use 8 half Soap Nuts in a sock or a cotton bag and put these in the washing machine. With these you can:

- 1 time wash at 90 degrees;- 2 times wash at 60 degrees;

- Wash 3 times at 30-40 degrees.

The Soap Nuts are worn out when soaked and spongy when wet.

Remove the soap nuts immediately after the laundry machine is finished, otherwise, the laundry may get an unpleasant smell.

Used soap nuts are 100% biodegradable and can be put on the compost heap or in the green container after use.

Washing without detergent - use Soap Nuts

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If you want to wash without detergent, we recommend that you only use the soap nuts for dark-coloured laundry.

For light-coloured and whitewashing, light brown stains can occur when using Soap Nuts, for example when the washing drum is full or if you leave the Laundry in the drum for too long after the washing programme has ended.

If you want laundry without detergent for white or light coloured laundry, we recommend 30-50 ml Soap Nuts extract or Liquid Soap Nuts extract or Bioclean Liquid Soap Nuts. This Liquid Soap Nuts extract should be in the main wash tray and preferably not in a wash ball. Also, use an esthetic oil (fabric softener tray) and oxygen bleach and/or ecological water softener (in main wash powder tray)




Soap Nuts experience

We look forward to your Soap Nuts experience. Mail us your experience. Through this contact form, you can also request a manual for the use of Soap Nuts.

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