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Kala Namak

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Kala Namak

Kala Namak the Black Salt

The Kala Namak, also known as Black Salt or Black Salt, is a speciality in Indian cuisine. It is characterized by a high content of hydrogen sulfide and iron . Especially the hydrogen sulfide in the salt is initially misleading but makes the aroma distinctive, the taste and smell is similar to rotten eggs. Due to its special composition, Kala Namak is shimmering black. In the manufacture of the salt are Harad seeds, fruits of the Terminalia chebula (a tree), boiled with a salt solution. The salt, in this case, takes over the shimmering black colour and flavour of the legumes. Usually, however, a dark red colour appears, caused by the high salt content of iron. Salts such as Kala Namak are used as a spice in Indian cuisine. There are several varieties with different flavours and aromas. Usually, only the Indian Sambhar Namak cooking salt is known to us. Only in very specialized shops are other varieties for sale.

Kala Namak is not harmful!

In 2003, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) examined the Kala Namak because of the relatively high concentration of hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulphide is a toxic gas that smells even at a low concentration of rotten eggs. BfR decided on the basis of the results that the "Kala Namak" "black salt" or also "Black Salt" dosage as used in Indian cuisine does not pose a health risk.

Kala Namak use

The Kala Namak or Black Salt gives the food a sulphurous taste. This is desired in India especially in fruit salads, chutneys, Chaats or on the popular Raitas. Especially recommended is this Indian spice salt to be used in vegetables and exotic fruits, but also an application on fish is very popular. The salt also gives long drinks or fruit drinks an extraordinary taste. For vegans, the black salt is especially appreciated at the table because of its egg-like taste.

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