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Natural hair removal

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Natural hair removal

Hairremoval can be better and easier

Only 95% of women think that hair removal can be done better. Accidents, irritated skin and hard to reach spots are the culprits. The website Vrouwonline.nl has researched this among 1600 women.

hair removalMore statistics on hair removal:

50% choose the razor and 20% use an epilator. But a lot of women indicate that they would prefer to get rid of their hair permanently. More than 80% of Dutch women depilate weekly or more often and 10% even shave every day. 66% have shaving accidents, such as cuts. More than half have experienced an embarrassing situation due to stubble or unwanted hair.

More than 50% of woman have not put on a skirt because they forgot to depilate their legs. 54% of women sometimes keep her outerwear on because they hadn't depilated their armpits when it was too hot and 40% tried to cover up the bikini line.


Remove your hair in a natural way now!

Lots of statistics, but everyone is saying that hair removal is often a very painful affair. It is, therefore, a good thing that a lot of research has been done in recent years to find less painful and irritating methods. Recently there is a natural hair removal product on the market that can be used without irritation. Also in intimate areas, no problems during and after depilation. This hair removal cream is marketed under the name Capillum Amove and consists only of natural ingredients.


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