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Organic activated charcoal detox

Organic activated charcoal detox

do you Feel sick, Have a hangover, Allergy discomfort, Food poisoning, Drug overdose, Diarrhea, Skin problems, Sweaty feet, Brown teeth, Bloating, Liver & kidney problems, Bad breath, IBS, Paradontosis, Radiation sickness ...

Detoxifying your body from all toxins and bad bacteria is still a challenge that requires a lot of endurance,
With Organic activated carbon (Salvics) you detoxify your body without doing anything, easy, natural, organic and very effective with amazing results.

Organic Activated Carbon (Salvics) is an activated carbon extracted from the charred wood of the Willow (salix viminalis)

Organic activated carbon (Salvics) is 20 times more effective than the ordinary activated carbon on the market today.
Organic activated carbon (Salvics) is Organic and therefore also much purer and 20 times more powerful with fast results without doing much.

It is not for nothing that Organic Activated Carbon (Salvics) is used to treat poisoning or drug overdose. Now the Organic version is available and you can be sure that you are getting a pure product and no risk of a chemical cocktail.

Wilt u meer informatie over actieve kool, kijk dan verder op de click here.


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