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School project Russia Foundation Helias

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School project Russia Foundation Helias

School project Russia Foundation Helias

What are free schools?

There are about 100 free schools in the Netherlands and more than 1200 schools worldwide. The Waldorf or Steiner school is a school for nursery, primary and secondary education. The school is based on the anthroposophical views of Rudolf Steiner.

The Waldorf community was born out of the thinking of social threesome.

She distinguishes three spheres of life in society namely:

1. spiritual life (culture)

2. right life

3. economic life.

Life of the mind includes cultural life, which includes religion, the arts, science and education.

Free in Waldorf education stands for this for the following reason: Cultural life must be able to develop in freedom with its own order and organisation. Free from economic life and free from legal life.

More info?


The Helias Foundation

Read more? http://www.stichtinghelias.nl/

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