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HolyFlavours Danish Smoked Salt
Danish Smoked Salt €7,50

Danish Smoked Salt

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Viking salt from Scandinavia,

The aromatic smoke, fire, intense flavour, awakens the aroma of today's most noble Danish smoked salt. Did you know that only 5% of all smoked salts are actually smoked? Most smoked salt types are treated with smoke flavourings and are not smoked at all. This smoke salt is a sea salt, smoked according to a Viking tradition, which results in an intense and special smoky taste. The smoke salt is smoked on pure juniper bushes, which are specially imported from Norway (as wood grown in Norway is free of all kinds of toxins). The floral smell, many flavours, soft on the palate, spicy taste. In comparison, the sea salt, which is smoked on pure oak wood, also has many shades of taste, also soft on the palate, but a bit bitter on the palate.


Viking salt from Scandinavia
Ingredients: & lt: 97.5% NaCl., 0.04% Ca., 0.00% Mg., 0.10% SO4, moisture percentage 0.02-0.1%


The Germanic smoked salt is especially suitable for: eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, fish and all types of meat. It gives a steak the special taste of meat cooked on fire, even when it is cooked in an oven. When you use this smoked salt, you get an impression of how the Scandinavian peoples roasted and used their salt. In the past, seawater or brine was poured onto a burning fire, after which the water content evaporated. The salt then precipitated on the charred wood residues, after which it was scraped from the wood with hand tools.

details: smells very intensively of pure juniper
Taste: very spicy, yet mild taste
Dishes: grilled meat and vegetables


Viking salt from Scandinavia In a luxury folding box of 100 grams or 1 kg

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