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Dried herbs and spices

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dried herbs: an essential part of your diet

Dried herbs and spices make food tastier while promoting your health. That is why it is important to regularly cook and combine with herbs and spices. Adding herbs to your diet has another advantage. Because they are so flavorful, they make it easier to cut down on salt, sugar and fat.

Choose organic dried herbs and notice the difference

At Naturaplaza we have a wide range of dried herbs. We are also a specialist in supplying organically dried herbs. Organic spices and herbs have been used for medicinal, culinary and aromatic purposes since the beginning of time. Today, the popularity of unique condiments continues to rise and organic dried herbs are irreplaceable for the modern chef who appreciates different flavours from international cuisine. Naturaplaza offers an extensive selection of the purest, tastiest organically grown herbs from all over the world.

Why organic spices and garden herbs?

Just like fruit and vegetables, herbs come from plants that are susceptible to many pests and diseases. As a result, many conventional growers try to maximize their profits and at the same time minimize costs. They often treat their crops with various insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. Because they do not follow organic recommendations, they are also able to use various synthetic chemical fertilizers and other growth enhancers. At Naturaplaza we therefore consciously choose responsible organic growers who avoid these methods as much as possible and opt for a natural harvest. So you know that you can buy dried herbs from us that are healthy and where you get the most out of nutrients and positive side effects.

Which dried herbs can you buy at Naturaplaza?

Here are some dried herbs that you can buy at Naturaplaza:


Thyme is a versatile herb and is easy to combine in various dishes. It is also very healthy and is an ideal ingredient to combat bacteria. This way you can turn thyme into a delicious syrup that helps with a tickle in your throat and a soothing effect on the respiratory tract. At Naturaplaza we have different types of dried thyme. Read more on our site about how you can best use thyme in your diet.


This sweet, sharp herb is found in many spice mixes. It is known that it is good for a normal stomach function and research has shown that it supports the maintenance of a normal acidity in the stomach. Of all the dried herbs that you can buy from us, cardamom is particularly rich in minerals such as magnesium and zinc.

Chilli Peppers

Fresh, dried or powdered peppers immediately give your food a strong taste. They can also keep the blood vessels healthy. That is because capsaicin, which gives the peppers its distinctive spicy flavour.


Basil is a delicious herb that will give your meal a rich taste and can also be combined with vegetables. It is also very healthy. This is evident from the antioxidants that the herb contains. It also fights stress and is even suitable for reducing depression and good mood.


This plant has a powerful compound called allicin. Many studies have shown that it has a refreshing effect on the heart. And other research shows that eating garlic regularly can help with high cholesterol levels and is good for blood pressure. At Naturaplaza you can buy garlic in the form of powder, granules and flakes. Easy to use and while retaining all-important nutrients.


A fragrant herb that is rich in antioxidants. One study showed that people who received a hint of rosemary performed better on memory tests and other mental tasks. This delicious herb can, therefore, stimulate brain activity and is easy to combine in many recipes.


Cinnamon is very useful because it is sweet, but contains very few calories and is also sugar-free. You can add it to almost anything, including coffee and tea. Studies show that cinnamon can also help fight bacteria and the (natural) immune system supported by the body cells.


Dill is a versatile garden herb whose seed is also used as an ingredient in addition to the leaves. Dill works very well against bacteria in your stomach. Dill can also be used in many different forms such as in yoghurt or a delicious fish dish.


Used worldwide and known as a main ingredient in many Indian dishes. What you need to know about cumin is that it is naturally rich in iron. It can also play a role in weight loss. For example, a study with overweight people has found that cumin can help you lose more body fat and weight with a low-calorie diet.


You hear a lot about ginger lately and it is counted as a real superfood. Ginger can help with a variety of ailments as a spice. It has a calming effect on the lining of your digestive system and can help you feel bloated after eating. Also, research has shown that it provides relief for migraine and menstrual problems.

Get inspiration from our delicious and simple recipes

Now that you have an idea of the variety of dried herbs that we have in our range, you naturally want to know what you can make with it. On our site, we also have some easy and tasty recipes that are also very healthy. Learn how to get the most out of the dried herbs you buy at Naturaplaza and make sure your meals taste amazing.

Finally: why you should buy dried herbs at Naturaplaza

At Naturaplaza we are proud of our range of products but also of our philosophy. The dried garden herbs we sell meet all requirements on what we consider important and that guarantee your health. For example, we know that many non-organic herbs contain additives, such as artificial preservatives, food colorants, anti-caking agents (such as artificial sodium aluminosilicate), fillers and flavor enhancers such as sugar. How can you prevent these contaminants in your herbs? Very simple: buy organic. That is the best way to ensure that you get all the necessary nutrients without mysterious additives. Order your dried herbs today at Naturaplaza.