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HolyFlavours Indian sun flakes
Indian sun flakes €3,20

Indian sun flakes

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Indian sun flakes are extracted manually from a salt dome in northeastern India. The sun flakes are a real "Fleur de Sel" or flower of salt. On warm and windy days, so-called salt flowers appear as a thin layer of ice as a result of the evaporation of seawater on the sea surface. This layer is skimmed off manually with a wooden spoon. To make our snow-white sun flakes from the wet fleur de sel, the freshly harvested salt is dried in the sun under glass plates. The drying process changes the structure of the salt: from the damp Fleur de Sel, beautiful salt plates are created, comparable to the Murray River salt.


Ingredients: 96.5% NaCl., 1.3% SO4, 4310 mg./kilo S., 0.43% Ca., 0.082% Mg., 0.044% K.


The sun flakes get the particularly mild taste by preventing calcium and magnesium. Because of the special structure of this Fleur de Sel, it is only rarely used during cooking. chefs mainly use it as a finishing touch.

details: white and very dry salt flakes
Taste: pleasantly mild, salty taste
Dishes: meat, fish and vegetable dishes, finger salt, slow-food products, salads


Indian sun flakes 100 grams or 1 kg in a luxury folding box.

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