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HolyFlavours Maple Sugar
Maple Sugar €6,15

Maple Sugar

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Maple sugar is obtained from the juice of the sugar maple. The sugar originates from the southern regions of Canada and the northeastern United States. In the spring months, small holes are drilled into the maple tree to win the tree sap. The famous maple syrup is made from this and through a complex evaporation process, the syrup is crystallized resulting in the rare maple sugar. Only 2-3 kg of sugar per year can be produced from one sugar maple. The taste of maple sugar is somewhat reminiscent of caramel and liquorice. This sugar is perfect for pastries, pancakes, tea and delicious flambé desserts.


100% pure maple sugar from Canada.


Maple sugar is a nice substitute for regular granulated sugar.


Maple sugar is packed in a box per 100 grams or 1 kg.

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