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100% Pure Oils

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100% Pure Oils

Our 100% pure oils offer you an enormous variety of applications. You can use them as a care product and hair or massage oil and also during cooking, baking and roasting. However, Naturaplaza has chosen to add these oils to the natural care category. Take our mustard oil for example. This oil is effective as a skincare product for dry skin. Or what about our Aromed Cupressa anti-wrinkle oil with very high concentrations of pure vitamins? 

Pure mustard oil

At Naturaplaza we have selected 100% pure mustard oil from the quality brand KTC. You can use mustard oils as hair oil and massage oil. In addition, mustard oil works very effectively with dry skin. Keep in mind that mustard oil has a strong natural odor.

Cooking, baking and roasting

In addition, typical Indian dishes are also prepared with mustard oils. Think of Pakora among other things. This is an Indian snack that is fried in, for example, our KTC mustard oil. You put various ingredients through the flour consisting of chickpeas, such as tomato, chicken, eggplant, potato and onion. Then you fry it off. A true taste sensation.

Natural retarding wrinkle oil

Also, a 100% pure oil type and selected care product is the Cupressa delaying wrinkle oil from Aromed . This oil has a very high content of vitamins. The unique combination of these essential oils with vitamins B6, E, F and the minerals zinc and magnesium causes a delay in wrinkles. The antioxidants present provide protection against skin aging and contribute to the elasticity and moisture regulation of your face.