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Eco detergent

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Eco detergent

An eco detergent fits in with an environmentally conscious lifestyle and contributes to our health. Eco detergents are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional types that include synthetic fragrances. That's why at Naturaplaza, you will only find detergents that contain natural ingredients and are biodegradable. Think of black soap or, for example, jasmine detergent from Najel . In addition, we have a wide selection of laundry nuts with laundry bags that can be used for multiple cleaning purposes. Click on the detergent and you will read everything about it.

Liquid black Aleppo soap olive oil

An excellent example of a multifunctional ecological detergent is the liquid black Aleppo soap olive oil from Najel. This detergent comes from Southeast Morocco and is completely natural and biodegradable. The olive oil removes greasy surfaces and therefore these cleaning agents are suitable for maintaining of both home and garden. In addition, this black soap helps to remove grease stains from clothing. You rub the stain with some soap on the inside of your shirt or other garment. Then you wash it in the machine on a cold wash cycle. You will be surprised about the soft and clean result. The same applies to our environmentally friendly detergents with a delicious jasmine scent.

Walnut with laundry bag

Also suitable for natural care are our walnuts with laundry bag. Soapnuts are also called soapnuts and have an unsurpassed quality of washing power. This is partly because our wax nuts contain 100% natural saponins. Saponins form a soap-like substance in water with effective cleaning. Soapnuts are the ideal alternative to traditional detergents. You can also use wax nuts as a shampoo. This makes wax nuts also very suitable for washing your pet. next to this, you can use wax nuts as an all-purpose cleaner and liquid skincare.