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Intimate Care

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Intimate Care

It is not often discussed and yet intimate care is extremely important. bad care can cause multiple issues. Think of a burning or itchy feeling, an unpleasant odor and irritations around the sphincter. At Naturaplaza we therefore have a wide selection of intimate care products with natural ingredients such as tea tree and lavender. Contrary to what you may think, many of these products are suitable for both men and women. By clicking on an intimate care product you can read all the details about it.

The CANDIRA series from Aromed

An example of natural care that can be used by both men and women is the CANDIRA series from the Aromed brand.

Alum Deodorant

Our Najel alum deodorant products are also suitable for both men and women. Natural deodorant alum stone helps to prevent unpleasant odors and naturally prevents sweating. In addition, these deodorant types have an irritating relief effect after shaving and waxing.

Vaginal discomfort

Naturally, Naturaplaza also has various natural care products that are primarily aimed at female genitalia. The Aromed Candira vaginal spray, for example, helps to restore the protective acid mantle of the skin and is fungicidal and bactericidal. This vaginal spray also contains turpentine. This supports the immune system and it has a beneficial effect on the blood circulation. In addition, this spray is convenient to take with you so that you can take care of yourself anytime and anywhere.