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HolyFlavours Organic Palm Sugar
Organic Palm Sugar €2,50

Organic Palm Sugar

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This Arenga Palm Sugar is made from the nectar of the Arenga palm, which grows in the subtropical regions of Bali. The sugar juice is extracted from the blossoms of the Palm trees. The Arenga Palm tree is highly appreciated because of its outstanding sugar juice quality. By means of a complex method, the thick juice is processed into the Arenga sugar. This sugar is supplied by the Masarang Foundation. This foundation guarantees the highest wages for the workers and is constantly working on sustainable farming. In addition, the plantations created provide a new habitat for endangered species. Palm sugar has a characteristic caramel-like taste and is ideal for sweetening food and drinks.


100% pure palm sugar


Deye palm sugar can be used in ingredients and drinks, such as coffee and tea. Suitable for daily use.


Palm sugar is packed per 100 grams or 1 kg in a luxury folding box.

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