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With kefir you get a special dairy product. This is because kefir is partly made by yeast. In addition to numerous vitamins, this yeast also contains a small amount of carbon dioxide. This gives 'Tibetan Mushroom', as kefir is also called, a unique and sparkling accent. It is a thick and creamy drink that in terms of taste can best be compared to a yoghurt drink. Kefir contains healthy living bacteria that are not all found in normal yogurt. You can go to Naturaplaza for various kefir products and also ferments, to make your own kefir.

Kefir contributes to good health

Kefir is originally from Tibet and the Caucasus. It has been known here for centuries for its beneficial effects. We already mentioned that kefir is full of valuable vitamins. In addition, it contains minerals and healthy lactic acid bacteria. Lactic acid bacteria can contribute to an optimal digestive process. Moreover, kefir can prevent damage to body cells. This has everything to do with how antioxidants work. You can, of course, drink kefir like this, but you can also add it to other organic foods. It gives your natural dishes a wonderful fresh taste. Consider the combination with organic herbs, honey, sauces and dressings.

Make your own kefir

At Naturaplaza you will find different products to make your own kefir. This is fairly easy with our My-Yo Yogurt Kefir Maker . Choose one of our My-Yo Kefir Ferment Prebiotic products and you are halfway there. When you click on the different kefir products you will read an extensive user guide on our site. You can also read there which healthy ingredients the ferments contain. Due to the revitalizing effects, kefir is also called the drink of centenarians.

Disclaimer: The information above is NOT medical or therapeutic advice. Any textual errors reserved.