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Nut pastes

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Nut pastes

The natural nut pastes from Naturaplaza are all made from fully organic nuts, seeds and peanuts. This means that the pastes are produced according to the strictest biological guidelines. Consider pastes of almonds, sesame or peanuts. Every pasta has a unique production process of roasting and grinding. Besides, the Naturaplaza pastes are also available without salt. Click on the different pasta types for more information about the ingredients and applications. 

Moroccan Almond paste

Our Almond paste comes from Morocco and is made from lightly roasted and ground almonds combined with organic Argan oil. This nut paste is the alternative for every almond butter. Use it for example to spread your sandwiches or your crackers and toasts. This nut paste is also often used as a filler for pancakes and to garnish typical Moroccan meals. Also in our category Other Organic Food, you will find Tahin Sesame paste. This nut paste has been known for centuries as a delicious treat in countries such as Turkey, Israel and Syria. It consists of 100% roasted and unpeeled sesame seeds.

Nut paste with or without salt

In addition to almond pastes and sesame pastes, Naturaplaza also has various types of peanut pastes. Or what about our 3-Mix Mixed Nut Pasta? This pasta is made from nuts that are organically grown. You can taste a mix of the most delicious cashew nuts, hazelnuts and almonds. No extra salts or sugars have been added, making it an excellent alternative to regular peanut butter. Are you looking for a completely salt-free nut paste? For this too you can come to us. We also have almond pastes, sesame pastes and peanut pastries without salt in our product range.