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Oils & butter

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Oils and Butter

In this category, you will find natural oils and butter from the best brands. From olive oil and almond oil to coconut oil and cocoa butter, everything is here. In addition, we also have Moroccan argan oil, organic sesame oil, mustard oil and pumpkin seed oil. In short, nothing is missing to give all your dishes a delicious taste in a responsible way. For example, they are ideal to put into your salad dressings or to sparkle them over pasta, meat and fish dishes. In addition, Naturaplaza has a wide selection of matching accessories in its product range. Click on the article and you will find all the details about it.

Authentic olive oil

Everyone knows olive oil, but the Telhinia Olive Oil from Naturaplaza is really in the top segment of these oils. The olives are grown in an authentic way on the Peloponnese isle in Greece. The olive oil consists of approximately 70 percent Koroneiki olives and approximately 30 percent Manaki olives. This mix gives a delicious fruity and soft taste. Telhinia Olive Oil has won the Superior Taste Award for several years in a row. In addition, it is full of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and other antioxidants.

Zeller oil bottles

If you frequently use natural oils and vinegar, one or more oil bottles are indispensable in your kitchen. We know everything about this at Naturaplaza, which is why you can choose to sell oil and vinegar accessories in our Other Organic Food category. Take, for example, the 270-milliliter oil bottle from the quality brand Zeller. With a height of 25 centimeters and a width of 4.9 centimeters, this is a beautiful modern bottle and a nice addition to your kitchen interior. Prefer a somewhat larger oil bottle? No problem. The Zeller oil bottle of 500 milliliters also features in our range. We also have stainless steel oil bottles at home.