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Did you know that natural yoghurt is full of good bacteria? At Naturaplaza you will find organic yoghurt fragments from the quality brand My-Yo. With this, you can make your own delicious and super healthy yoghurt. We stand for 100% natural products without additives. These are all healthy and very tasty. For example, make your own kefir. Kefir is a unique dairy product that is most reminiscent of a yoghurt drink in terms of taste. It contains vitamins, minerals and good lactic acid bacteria that can have a beneficial effect on your body. Who doesn't want that? Click on the different yoghurt products for more information about all these healthy flavourings.

Probiotic and prebiotic yoghurt

Probiotics have been added to various of our My-Yo yoghurt fragments that can have a particularly good effect on your intestinal tract. This can promote digestion, making you feel better. In addition, homemade yoghurt gives an incomparably delicious taste. In addition to probiotic yoghurt ferments, we also have a combination of prebiotic substances in our range of other natural foods. The bulking substance inulin has a prebiotic effect. Both ingredients, probiotic and prebiotic, complement each other and can promote healthy functioning. With a package of My-Yo Yogurt Ferment, you can make approximately 15 litres of yoghurt.

Our yoghurt and kefir makers

To help you make the most delicious and healthy yoghurts, Naturaplaza has various yoghurt makers in its range. These are not only an example of convenience but also energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Our My Yo Yoghurt & Kefir Makers work without electricity. The heat is generated by the boiling water you add. In terms of colours, you can choose from lime green or orange yoghurt maker. In addition, we also have My-Yo inner shells. With this extra inner container, you can make new yoghurt or kefir while the first batch is already in the fridge.

Disclaimer: The information above is NOT medical or therapeutic advice. Any textual errors reserved.