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HolyFlavours Panela Sugar
Panela Sugar €1,90

Panela Sugar

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Panela, also known as gold sugar or primal sugar, originates from Central and South America and is the product of the traditional cultivation of sugar cane. Extracted from the pure juice of the sugar cane, it does not lose a number of precious ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Its pleasant sweetness, with its clear caramel and malt aroma and slight fruitiness, is complemented by a subtle liquorice flavour. The colour can vary from golden yellow to caramel brown. In the kitchen, the application of Panela's healthy and long-lasting sweetness is virtually unlimited.


100% pure panela sugar

Instructions for use:

Panela sugar is very versatile and can, therefore, be used for practically all dishes and drinks.


Panela sugar is packed per 100 grams or 1 kg in a luxury folding box.

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