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Fair Trade Kampot Pepper

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Kampot pepper Fair Trade

Our Fair Trade Kampot pepper comes from the Kampot region in Cambodia. The climate and soil type are perfect for the (organic) cultivation of pepper berries. The taste of Kampot pepper is unique and distinguishes itself from other types of pepper by its special, refined aroma. At Naturaplaza we have consciously chosen Kampotpeper from the quality brand Project Pepper. Why? Project Pepper guarantees completely natural and sustainable products. This guarantee is not only found in the various pepper varieties, but also in the packaging and even in the pepper mills. Project Pepper is therefore entitled to bear the Fair Trade quality mark.

Black, red and white Kampot pepper

Kampot pepper from Naturaplaza is available in no less than 3 different types: black pepper, red pepper and white pepper. All three peppers come from the same Cambodian pepper plant, but the processing process differs. With the black Kampot pepper, the unripe, green pepper berries are dried in the sun, turning them black. It is known as one of the best peppers in the world. The taste of black Kampot pepper is spicy and spicy at the same time. Red Kampot pepper is also pleasantly spicy with a slightly sweet taste. White Kampot pepper is spicier than red Kampot pepper, but fresh because of the citrus aromas.

Handmade Fair Trade Pepper Mill

With such a unique quality pepper, you want a pepper mill that fully complements this character. That is exactly what the handmade and wooden Fair Trade pepper mill offers you. These pepper mills are exclusively made for Project Pepper in Cambodia. This is done by Cambodians who have become disabled for various reasons. They receive free training in the workplace and share directly in the profit.

Sustainable packaging

Project Pepper also guarantees sustainability in the packaging. All Kampot peppers are packed in bioplastic and unbleached paper. The ink used on the package is water-based, without chemical solvents. All these design factors also make it easy to recycle the packaging.