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Bath and scrub salt

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Bath and scrub salt

With the bath and scrub salt from Naturaplaza, your body will be delighted. Already in early antiquity, people valued the pleasant effect of natural bath salts. In addition to the pure relaxation these salts offer, they can relieve the pain in your joints. You will feel reborn afterwards. So there are plenty of reasons to spoil yourself with this or to give away as a gift to a loved one.

Natural bath salts

In our bath and scrub salt range, you will find numerous natural bath salt products that match your personal preference. A perfect example of this is the bath salt pearls. These pearls can be used for brine baths with salt crystals. They have a relaxing and possible cleaning effect. The pearls consist of crystal salt from Pakistan and contain approximately 97% sodium chloride. Many people opt for a spa bath in salt cure bath salts. This salt has the ability to bring the pH value of your skin back into balance.

Sauna and peeling salt

For a total regeneration and revitalization of your skin, you can opt for sauna and peeling salt. This salt consists of approximately 2% Euca and menthol and also contains an essential oil mixture. Next to this,  it is a perfect addition to your sauna visit or use in the bath. This also applies to the heart-shaped Nutrikraft natural peeling salt stone. These are rock salts made from 100% natural Himalayan salt and ensure a possible regeneration of your skin.

Disclaimer: The information above is NOT medical or therapeutic advice. Any textual errors reserved.