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Celtic sea salt

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What is Celtic Salt? Celtic sea salt is salt harvested on the southern Atlantic coast of France, just like the other famous French salt, fleur de sel. The two salts are so similar that you could say that Celtic sea salt is a by-product of fleur de sel. Both are harvested by hand from salt pans in which seawater is evaporated to leave salt crystals.

The power of Celtic sea salt is in the color

Celtic sea salt is also known as sel gris, which translates to gray sea salt. The color is the result of contact with clay at the bottom of the salt pans. Fleur de sel is only harvested from the surface of the evaporating water, it is the so-called salt flower that is marketed as the best of salt. Fleur de sel is white. When fleur de sel is disturbed, it sinks under the surface and becomes Celtic sea salt.

Celtic Salt: a rich and illustrious history

Celtic sea salt has this name because it was first harvested by the Celts who used it to prepare food and sometimes in local medicine. According to some historians, the Celts were the first to extract salt in Central Europe. They also traded salt internationally and became rich from it. They migrated west and learned to harvest salt from the inland waterways. The Celts harvest sea salt in Brittany, France even before the arrival of the ancient Romans and hence the name Celtic salt.

The extraction of Celtic salt

Celtic sea salt is extracted in a similar manner to that of fleur de sel extraction. Every few days the worker (they are called paludiers) uses a wooden rake to pull the salt to the side of a pan. The salt continues to dry for a while before it is removed for packaging. It is a long, traditional and natural process that yields the best salt.

The unique taste of Celtic sea salt

Celtic salt has large, moist crystals with a noticeable crunch. The salty tones are more intense than those of other sea salts. That makes it one of the best types of salt to cook with. You can also use Celtic salt for preserving food.

The unique health benefits of Celtic sea salt

Celtic sea salt contains a significant number of minerals including sodium. Sodium helps to keep blood pressure under control and it makes your muscles and nerves work better. The most important thing to remember is that you only need a little Celtic salt for the best results.

Advantages compared to other types of salt

Celtic sea salt contains less sodium than other types of salt. It has less sodium because it is made from more minerals and contains fewer impurities when compared to table salt. Chances are that with normal table salt you will find artificial additives. Celtic sea salt contains considerably more iron and calcium than table salt and it is a perfect alternative to regular table salt.

Celtic salt as a damp salt

Moist salts such as Celtic salt are valued as finishing salts because they do not melt away as quickly as a dry salt. The moisture prevents your food from drying out. You can use it on steaks, steamed or roasted vegetables or on a salad. You can also use it as kitchen salt. Use it to flavor your pastawater or soup.The salty aspect can be dominant and thereby elevate many mildly flavored dishes.

The health benefits of Celtic sea salt: what you need to know

Now that you have an idea of what Celtic salt is, we will now go deeper into the reasons why it is beneficial for our body and why it offers many benefits for our health.

It is rich in sodium

As we have said before, Celtic salt contains less sodium than common salt. Still, the amount is fine. Sodium is an essential mineral that is needed to keep your body balanced. The sodium in Celtic sea salt makes it possible to regulate blood pressure, which in turn is essential for the proper functioning of nerves and muscles.

Deeper healing properties

Celtic sea salt balances the minerals in the body and offers healing benefits. Regular consumption can help to eliminate excess mucus, which reduces accumulation in your nasal passages and lungs. It improves your immune system and gives your body the strength to recover well after an injury. furthermore, it improves the ability of your cells to protect themselves, making them less vulnerable.

It supports your cardiovascular health

Celtic salt is very good for your cardiovascular health. Consuming Celtic salt with a sufficient amount of water is a simple mean that people can use who would like to maintain their blood pressure.

It promotes the function of the brain

Regular consumption of Celtic Sea Salt improves the health of nerve cells. This makes it easier to perform well under pressure. It also promotes brain functions.

It improves your energy considerably

You can feel tired when your body does not have enough sodium. A solution is to include more Celtic salt in your diet, which helps to regenerate the hydroelectric energy in your cells. In addition, the abundance of micronutrients will help calm your nervous system, allowing you to have a good night's sleep. It is important to sleep enough at night to be energetic during the day. Simply take Celtic salt with warm water before you go to bed to help you sleep deeper.

It alkalizes the body

Do you suffer from serious health complications if your body is too acidic? Celtic sea salt can adjust excess acidity in the body and make it more alkaline. It removes excess acid waste from your cells and helps maintain a healthy acid-base balance. 

It stabilizes blood sugar levels

Celtic sea salt has the capacity to help people with diabetes. If you are struggling to maintain your blood sugar, Celtic sea salt might help. Replacing refined salt with Celtic salt can aslo help with a balanced blood sugar level during training/sport (performance) and can prevent further health problems.

It prevents muscle cramps

You will notice that you are susceptible to cramps when there is a disturbance of the electrolyte balance. You can experience muscle cramps when your body loses sodium. Replenish your body quickly by consuming Celtic sea salt 

What are other ways to use Celtic salt?

Celtic salt also works wonders outside the kitchen. You can use gray sea salt in the bath. If you have dissolved Celtic sea salt in some bathwater, you can take a relaxing bath and feel completely refreshed. supports the skin's regenerative capacity and Celtic sea salt has an effect comparable to iodine. Gargling with pure water and Celtic salt can also have a soothing effect on the throat, for example.

Where can you buy Celtic sea salt?

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