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Himalayan salt

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Why Himalayan salt is a natural wonder

You may have heard that many people claim that pink Himalayan salt is healthier than just salt. But what are the facts about this special natural product? We at Naturaplaza are happy to help you on your way and have listed everything you need to know about Himalayan salt. What makes it better than other salts and what are the many uses to increase your health?

A natural product from the highest place on earth

As the name suggests, Himalayan salt bears the same name as the region which stretches across Asia and runs through China, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bhutan, Afghanistan and India. Most people associate the Himalayas with Mount Everest, the highest peak on this planet. It is unknown to most that salt can also be found in this beautiful mountain region. This salt with a pinkish color is sea salt that has crystallized hundreds of millions of years ago. This sea salt, deep in the Himalayas, was covered with lava, snow and ice. This kept the salt protected against pollution. because of this, Himalayan salt is the purest salt on earth. It is now extracted by hand from the mountains and has been available on the market for some time.

What are the benefits of Himalayan salt?

Himalayan salt was naturally formed from solid minerals and elements including sulfate, magnesium, calcium, potassium, bicarbonate, bromide, borate, strontium and fluoride. Because of these minerals, pink Himalayan salt has many special properties. It is a product that, in addition to taste, also contains many unique nutrients with a beneficial effect.

How do you use pink Himalayan salt?

You can use this pink salt in the same way as table salt. during cooking, to season meals and to preserve food. In addition, hard blocks of pink salt are also used as serving dishes and cutting boards. Some people use pink Himalayan salt instead of bath salts. It is also possible to make lamps and candle holders from pink Himalayan salt. These are also available at Naturaplaza.

The unique health benefits of Himalayan salt

Because pink salt has many positive properties, we have listed them for you so that you know why it is a particularly natural product.

Rich mineral content

As we have described before, Himalayan salt contains many different minerals. Because pink salt often has larger crystals than table salt, it technically contains less sodium per teaspoon. It also has a saltier taste than table salt, which means that a person can use less salt in one portion to achieve the same taste.

A natural product

Himalayan salt is a more natural product than table salt. Table salt is usually highly refined and mixed with anti-caking agents to prevent lumps, such as sodium aluminosilicate or magnesium carbonate. Himalayan salt is less artificial and usually contains no additives.

An aid in hydration

Adding a pinch of pink salt to meals or drinks helps the body achieve optimum fluid balance and prevent dehydration. Himalayan salt is extremely suitable for this.

And Himalayan salt does more

Pink salt is said to support libido, reduce the signs of aging and protect the body against heavy metals. It has a supporting function for building a healthy body and strengthens the bones. You can also use Himalayan salt to maintain low blood pressure and it helps the intestines to absorb nutrients, making it an excellent ingredient to support your diet.

Some tips for using pink Himalayan salt

You can use Himalayan salt for every meal. You can even use it for desserts such as sorbets. In hot dishes, it is really a seasoning with meat and fish. View the recipes on our site to get an idea of the versatility of this healthy pink salt.

More than just an ingredient

Himalayan salt is suitable as a means of cooking. The material is also used to make plates that can serve as cutting boards or serving dishes. The dense salt blocks also conduct heat and have an almost perfect heat distribution. Best of all, Himalayan salt is naturally antimicrobial, so you only need to scrub or rinse quickly to clean up. Finally, the pink color also looks nice and it really stands out if you want to present food in a special way.

Himalayan salt as a way to boost your personal hygiene

Himalayan salt can also be used in the bath. This way you can throw it in the bath for a refreshing effect. The concentrated nutrients stimulate blood circulation and soothe sore muscles. Because the salt is so rich in nourishing and skin-refreshing minerals, bathing with pink bath salts is a healing and therapeutic experience for body and soul. A salt bath helps to remove toxins, deeply cleanses the skin and helps the body clean naturally. For the most powerful detox result, make a saline solution with 1-2 pounds of Himalayan salt dissolved in warm water.

Purify your home with Himalayan salt

The Himalayan salt lamps are used for air purification because the heat activates negative ions, which in turn fight the positive ions in the air against dust, pollen and other harmful substances. Some candles and lamps even have diffuser heads that diffuse essential oils using the heat from the lamp.

Order your Himalayan salt products at Naturaplaza

You are now well aware of the many positive properties of Himalayan salt. That is why it is good to know that at Naturaplaza, we have a wide variety of pink salt products. From hand-made salt lamps that have a unique appearance to Himalayan salt that you can use in the kitchen. We sell pure crystal salt from HolyFlavors that is unrefined and extracted from the Himalayas. In addition, we offer many different packages from 100 grams to 1 kilogram or 25 kilograms.

Only at Naturaplaza: the Himalayan salt pipe

At Naturaplaza you can buy the Himalayan salt pipe inhaler. This pipe can be filled with Himalayan salt and ensures that your airways are well purified. The small size is ideal to take with you and guarantees that you always have purifying pink salts at your disposal that help you reduce inflammation and restore your metabolism.

Naturaplaza is ordered quickly and delivered to your home

In addition to Himalayan salt, we have a wide variety of natural products. take a look at the other pages on this site for our unique offers and deals.