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Rock salt

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Rock salt

Unrefined salt can have a positive effect on your body and rock salt is certainly no exception. This salt is very suitable as a healthier alternative to common kitchen salt. It contains minerals which are indispensable for the human body. Rock salt is a so-called mono-mineral and is extracted from salt mines. This makes it applicable as an ingredient in every kitchen. For example, are you going to make a dish with game? Then this natural salt is very suitable for you! For more tips and recipes: take a look at our info center.

Kala Namak, black salt from India

A special kind of volcanic rock salt can be found in Kala Namak from India. It has a taste that is by no means comparable to our regular table salt. The scent is best compared to that of boiled eggs and the aroma is sulfuric. The name of 'black salt' is therefore easily explained. It is one of the purest salt forms and is highly appreciated in fruit salads, chutneys and vegetables. Because of the egg-like taste, Kala Namak salt is often used by vegans. At Naturaplaza you can go for fine Kala Namak salt in various packages and in granulated form.

World salts from Biova

In addition to the Kala Namak rock salt from India, Naturaplaza also has salts from all over the world in its product range. Close to home, for example, we have natural rock salts from Germany. This salt was created more than 200 million years ago by the drying up of the Zechstein Sea. It consists of more than 98% sodium chloride. In addition, we also have rock salt types from Pakistan, Bolivia, Utah, the Alps and Persian blue salt. Of course, this list should not lack the Himalayan crystal salt. At Naturaplaza you can buy these rock salts in various packaging and shapes.