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Salt in salt mill

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Salt in Salt Mill

At Naturaplaza we like to think along with you, which is why you have come to the right place for top quality salt in a salt mill. These handy salt mills are all filled with pure and natural organic salt. If you enjoy tasty and healthy cooking with various organic products, then of course a salt mill should not be missing from your kitchen arsenal. In addition to this practical function, our salt mills are also a beautiful addition to your kitchen and give a stylish decorative accent. This makes them also very suitable to give as a gift to that one friend who maintains a healthy lifestyle.

Filled with various types of salt

Flavors differ and so do salt preferences. Precisely for this reason we have filled the salt mills in our range with a wide variety of salt types. For example, you can choose the salt mill with sea salt from Italy. Or what about the salt mill with black pyramid salt? This visually spectacular finger salt is a traditional sea salt from the Indian Ocean. Due to the special circumstances, this 'Fleur de Sel' takes on a pyramid shape. That is why this salt is harvested by hand. Only in this way can the beautiful pyramid structure of the salt remain intact. In addition to these special types of salt, we also have salt mills filled with Kalahari desert salt, Persian blue salt, Alpine salt and salts from Pakistan.

Also suitable as a pepper mill

The salt mill has a height of 13 centimeters and is provided with a Plexiglas aroma lid. This is very hygienic. This makes this salt mill also suitable as a pepper mill or for a filling of spices and herb salts. The kitchen grinders have a noble design of glass and a stainless steel ring. In addition, they all have an adjustable ceramic interior. In short, really a kitchen grinder to treat yourself or to give someone else as a culinary gift.