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Smoked salt

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smoked salt

For an intense and special smoke taste in your dishes, smoked salt is an ideal seasoning. Think of eggs, vegetables and meat. Do you want to give your roasted or grilled meat a strengthened smoke flavor? Then opt for the 'finishing touch' of smoked salt. In addition, this type of salt is also extremely suitable as an addition to vegetarian meals and is also frequently used by vegans. It gives an intense aroma despite the fact that no animal products are involved. Naturally, the smoked salts of Naturaplaza do not contain any artificial additives or anti-caking agents. If you want to know more about smoked salt, for example, recipes to which you can add smoke salts, please take a look at our information center.

Smoked on beech wood

The process that underlies, among other things, the Danish smoked salt from our range is a special one. This salt is also called gourmet salt and that is not without reason. The salt has a smoky flavor. Dead Sea salt forms the basis for this type of salt. It is then smoked for 160 hours on beech wood. During this process, the salt is regularly turned. A tradition that finds its origin in the Vikings. Due to the intensity of this process, this salt production is limited to around 100 kilos per month. This means that this Danish salt can be called exclusive.

Scandinavian types of salt

Naturaplaza has various types of smoked salt in its range, all of which come from Scandinavia. In addition to the salts from Denmark, we also have Viking salt from Scandinavia. This salt is smoked on pure juniper bushes that have been specially imported from Norway. The main reason for this is that trees grown in Norway are free of toxins. The taste experience is overwhelming. It has a floral scent and numerous taste nuances. In addition, it is soft in your mouth and has a spicy aroma.