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Tea lights

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Tea lights

Just like our salt lamps, our Himalayan salt tea lights are made by hand in Pakistan. This means that you are absolutely certain that you will get a unique product. Moreover, the tealight is available at Naturaplaza in various shapes and colors. Often they give off a beautiful soft orange or pink glow. This creates an intense and special atmosphere in every living space. In addition, tea lights would purify your living space from negative ions and it can therefore have a positive effect on your entire well-being. For example, it can have a positive effect on the headache when you place the tealight holder in your bedroom.

HolyFlavors tealight holders

For our selection of tea lights, we have deliberately chosen the quality brand HolyFlavours . This brand is a specialist in the manufacture of natural salt products, such as salt tea lights. For example, if we take the HolyFlavours Tealight Holder Himalayan Cube, it is made from 100% crystal salt from the Himalayas. The beautiful cube shape gives this tealight holder a wonderful atmosphere to your living, sleeping or working space. Make sure you keep this tea light dry because the salt absorbs moisture. Furthermore, this is a pure natural product, which means that your order may differ slightly from the image in terms of colors and nuances.

Various tealight shapes

Although our tea lights are all made from 100% natural Himalayan salts , you can choose from a wide variety of shapes at Naturaplaza. In addition to the aforementioned cube shape, you can also order the tealight in heart shape, spherical shape and even in the shape of a rose. In addition, we have numerous coarse beaten tealight variants. Do you want to completely envelop your living space in Feng Shui? You can do this with our tea light HolyFlavors Feng Shui of 1 kilogram for example. This very special tealight on rubbers is finely beaten and guaranteed 100% pure handwork. The result? A beautiful atmosphere in the house.

Disclaimer: The information above is NOT medical or therapeutic advice. Any textual errors reserved.