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Shelf life

Sustainability of products.

At Naturaplaza we find it important to handle our products with care. Quality and health are at the top of our list of priorities, which is why we select our products with care and attention.

Many of our products fall into the 'food' category and we automatically have to deal with an expiration date.

We would like to take you into the world of food abbreviations. Probably you once had a discussion with someone about the best-before date of a product on the table. One person claims that you can eat something after a certain date, another is convinced of the contrary and yet another wonders what the abbreviation really means.....

There are still a lot of misunderstandings about the BBD date. We all throw a lot of products in the bin every day, without actually knowing whether this is necessary.

Did you know that Naturaplaza has created a separate category for products that are short on the best before date, but are simply consumable? On the Best before page you will find these products which are considerably reduced in price. Here we offer discounts up to 60% .

BBD or "use until".

This abbreviation stands for products that are highly perishable and that you should keep in the refrigerator, such as; pre-cut vegetables, meat and fresh fish.

The BBD date is the date until which the manufacturer can guarantee the quality of a product. If you eat the product in question after this date, which in most cases can be done without any problems, you may run the risk that the taste, smell or colour of a product is slightly different. The BBD date can be found on products that are less perishable and you don't have to keep all of them in the refrigerator for a long time. Examples are; crisps, spreads, eggs, flour vegetables in pots, soft drinks and pasta.

Please note that this only applies to products that have not yet been opened at the time the date expires. And that the product has been stored correctly in the packaging.