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HolyFlavours Spring water salt Portugal 0.1-5 mm
Spring water salt Portugal 0.1-5 mm €1,60

Spring water salt Portugal 0.1-5 mm

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This salt is among the best salts in the world. It has been intensively tested and analyzed and yet we are constantly dealing with new customers, who analyze the salt themselves or have it analyzed. The reason for this is that in the past, due to a lack of ethics at certain salt traders, the salt market has been discredited, causing consumers to be confused. We buy this salt from small salt farmers in Rio Major. The salt is extensively visually inspected after extraction, whereby unwanted particles are removed by hand. So no massive company or cooperative, our suppliers only produce 12 tons per year! That is why we guarantee consistently good quality! In the salt pans (saline) of Marinhas do Sal, near Aveiro in Portugal, spring salt is still produced by hand. This salt is a rock salt that formed around 200 million years ago by the drying up of the primaeval ocean.
The salt is washed out of the rocks through the underground watercourses and comes to the surface as a brine at the springs. Porto de Mos Rio Maior, where the salt is pushed up. In the unsuccessful search for oil and gas in the 1950s, salt layers of up to 2000 meters thick were pierced. In Marinhas do Sal, the salt dome is just below the surface. A valley has formed here on the surface over the course of thousands of years, created by the natural washing out of the salt. Pure rock salt is still found at a depth of approximately 75 meters below the salt pans. The traditional spring salt is still extracted by hand in the traditional way. No other method has achieved better quality than traditional manual extraction. Only with this careful extraction method, does the salt retain its pure crystal structure.
To dry the salt, it is shovelled onto pyramid-shaped wooden platforms. The salt naturally produced in this way is subject to strict quality controls by the government. According to tradition, the Romans have already used this salt dome and its sources. However, prehistoric finds from the area show that this salt was used much earlier. Because of its special appearance, this mineral salt is unique in Europe and has long been regarded as the best salt in Portugal.


  • <97.1% NaCl
  • 0.49% Mg
  • 0.38% Ca.
  • 1.48% K
  • 35.7% Na


Enjoy the mild taste of this spring water salt for your soups and stews with meat and fish. In addition to the most important application area, namely gastronomy, there are other specific applications for this salt from Rio Maior such as mouthwashes

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