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All round

The all-round nutritional supplements from Naturaplaza can be a good addition to your diet and offer support to your immune system. They consist of pure natural substances that have been processed into concentrated capsules. Think of capsules with cranberry, turmeric, spirulina and barley grass. Each of these supplements offers an excellent addition to your daily diet. In addition, they all have unique features. In this way, you will find exactly the nutritional supplement that fits your body and lifestyle. Order your ideal nutritional supplement today.

To support diets

Garcinia Cambogia capsules from HolyFlavour are among the supplements which support your diet. In fact, Garcinia Cambogia is considered to be one of the most powerful and natural weight loss supplements. The Garcinia Cambogia fruit comes from South East Asia. There the fruit, with a pumpkin-like shape, grows on a tree with the name Garcinia Subelliptica. Our capsules are then produced in Europe according to the applicable European guidelines such as DIN 9001: 2000. With these capsules, you get a pure quality product with an effective impact on weight loss.

Supplements full of antioxidants

As mentioned, you will also find a wide range of nutritional supplements at Naturaplaza to support your immune system. Take our Acai Berry Powder capsules for example. Acai fruits are originally from Amazon. The juice of the acai berries is known for its high nutritional value and also as an excellent antioxidant supplement. Barley grass is another dietary supplement which gives you energy and at the same time ensures undisturbed digestion. Our Barley Grass Powder Caps contain high doses of essential vitamins, proteins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes.


Do not take more than the recommended daily doses. These products are nutritional supplements and should be used in combination with food as part of a healthy, balanced diet and not as a substitute for it. Consult a physician before using a dietary supplement during pregnancy or administering to children. keep out of reach of children