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Stevia Liquid

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Stevia Liquid extract

If you want to add the natural sweetener Stevia to various drinks, dishes and baking, then Stevia liquid extract is an excellent choice. You can use liquid Stevia extract not only for sweetening drinks such as coffee and tea, but also for smoothies and cocktails. In addition, the liquid version is very suitable for use during cooking and baking. In short, a very versatile Stevia extract product. Two to three drops of liquid Stevia extract are equivalent to a teaspoon of ordinary sugar. This Stevia product also has no influence on blood levels and can therefore be used safely by diabetic patients, among others.

Glycemic Index is 0 (zero)

In addition to diabetic patients, liquid Stevia extract is also suitable for people with PKU (phenyl ketonuria) or candida. Namely, the glycemic index (GI) is 0 (zero). The Stevia liquid extract is a natural sweetener, contains no calories and is sugar-free. The liquid products from the Naturaplaza range are all made in Europe on the basis of steviol glycoside. This is the sweetener of the Stevia plant which originates from South and Central America.

Recipes with liquid Stevia extract

In our info center you will find all kinds of different recipes in which liquid Stevia extract has been added as an ingredient. As mentioned, you can use this Stevia extract for both coffee and tea, as well as various dishes and baking. On our website you can choose from various liquid Stevia extract sweeteners . These are all from our own brand, Steviahouse . Our Stevia fluid extract is in a bottle up to 150 times sweeter than regular sugar. It is not only free of artificial sweeteners and sugar, but also of yeast, wheat gluten, soy, milk, egg, colors and flavors. All our liquid products are of top quality and can be used in both hot and cold drinks, dishes and baking.

Buy Stevia Liquid? Sweetener for cooking & baking or simply in your tea and coffee. Natural product without useless additions.