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Stevia in Bulk

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Stevia extract Bulk

We also sell Stevia extract bulk for professional use. These are bulk packages that are ideal for use in, for example, restaurants or industrial kitchens. Stevia is a versatile and natural sugar substitute that can be used in many dishes and baking. As a restaurant owner you offer your guests who are diabetic a safe and healthier menu choice. The same applies to guests who have candida or phenylketonuria (PKU). In addition, these bulk packaging formats are also very suitable for retailers and resellers. If you are interested in this, do not hasitate to contact us! We then work togehterto find the desired bulk packaging  and offer you favorable rates.

Valued addition to the menu

Stevia extract as a natural sugar substitute is now enjoying enormous popularity. This is not in the least due to the fact that Stevia has no influence on blood levels. In addition, the Stevia extract from Steviahouse has no additives and a glycemic index (GI) of 0 (zero). This means that these sweeteners are not only appreciated by diabetic patients, but also by many people who want to eat and drink in a responsible and healthier way. By adding Stevia extract instead of granulated sugar, you make a widely appreciated choice.

Stevia extract bulk packaging

Stevia extract bulk is available at Naturaplaza in any desired packaging format. As standard, we have various bulk packages in our range that consist of Stevia extract powder, Stevia liquid extract and Stevia extract sugar. Of course we also have bulk packaging of Stevia extract sweetly in house. These are suitable, among other things, to serve with coffee and tea as a substitute for regular table sugar. Although you can add Stevia extract as an ingredient to the menu, the Stevia extract catches the eye immediately with the guests. This makes a good impression visibly as a restaurant owner or industrial kitchen. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help!

Buy Stevia in bulk? Naturaplaza also supplies stevia in bulk for business partners, such as resellers and retailers.