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Stevia Sweetieners

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Stevia extract Sweeteners

With our Stevia extract sweeteners you are assured of a healthier sugar substitute for sweetening drinks such as coffee, tea, chocolate milk and lemonade. Ideal for people with diabetes, PKU (phenyl ketonuria) and candida. A deliciously sweetener and 100% sugar-free alternative to table sugar. This makes our sweeteners very suitable when following a diet. They contain 85% fewer calories than regular sugar and they are also 35 times as sweet. To give you a comparison: a sweetenner equals a whole teaspoon of ordinary sugar. Stevia does not have the negative effects of sugar and has no influence on blood levels.

Organic Stevia

Our sweets are made from organic Stevia plants. This means that they are free of sugar, yeast, wheat gluten, soy, milk, egg, colors, flavors and also artificial sweeteners. Our Stevia extract sweeteners are all produced in Europe according to the applicable guidelines. They are also permitted as a foodstuff of pharmacist quality. Naturaplaza therefore offers completely natural and healthier sweets that have a better quality than the regular sweets you find in the supermarket. Would you like more information about our Stevia extract products? Then dont hesitate to contact us!

Sweet in stainless steel dispenser

On our website you will discover a simple filter system to find exactly the Stevia extract product that you are looking for. In the Stevia extract sweet subcategory you can, for example, choose sweet in both refill jars and bags. These sweets based on Stevia Rebaudiana and Steviol glycoside are suitable for diabetic patients and people with phenylketonuria (PKU) or with symptoms of candida. In addition, you will find a handy and modern stainless steel sweet dispenser in our range for which the contents of the jars and bags serve as refills.

Buy Stevia sweeteners? 100% SUGAR-FREE Tasty sweet without the harmful effects of sugar! Good alternative to sugar and even better than other sweets!